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Muscle spasms

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I was diag'd w/ DCIS non-inv, no lymph node involvement and had lumpectomy followed with radiation on right side. That has been 6 months ago and I get muscle spasm in my chest wall right behind the breast...almost like a pulled muscle when I work out...anybody else had/have this?

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Hey there...Ii was looking for an answer to my problem and delighted to find someone else who has had the same problem. No one in my support group has ever heard of this problem. My story is the same as yours but I had surgery and radiation 2 1/2 years ago. I also have the spasms. They are very painful and occur below the breast where my bra rubs. I never know when they are going to occur and have not been able to blame it on any particular movement. I also have some lymphedema... not in my arm, but below the breast. I suspect that sometimes the lymphedema puts extra pressure on the muscle and it goes into spasms. If you are haveing yours during workouts, I wonder if either the movement or perhaps the bra is causing it. Let me know how you make out. Donna

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I was diagnosed with R. invasive ductal carcinoma in 2006. Had lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and now on Tamoxifen. I have experienced spasms just below the affected breast deep inside. I do not recall being told about this during my preparations for treatment. I think it may be scar tissue and I am trying some stretch exercises to see if over time it will be relieved. It would probably have been more effective had I started sooner like during radiation therapy. I will try anyway. The spasms can be so painful and they come without warning. Some times the disappear for weeks then they are back. They last for as long as you can find a position that relieves it. All the best.

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Allison, I had extreme pain following my treatment (lumpectomy, rads, & now tamoxifen).
It was so bad I had to go to emergency room. After a week of testing, scans, etc.
the rad onc deduced that it was "soft tissue damage." Except for the pain meds in the hospital, nothing was given for the pain. That was 2 years ago, shortly after I had finished rads. I went ahead & continued working out, stopping only if it got really bad.
I even ran a half marathon. I still have a few pains, but I know they will pass. Overall, the pains have gotten less frequent and don't last too long when they come.

I hope yours ease up soon!

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Wow...sorry you had to go through that..I was very fortunate...I was ready for the worst (pain wise) and IT was nothing at all what I expected...not much pain at all..MY breast is still tender 3 1/2 later..(not sure if the in unusual)

good pain is getting better for you..

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but 3 1/2 yrs ago...I have never had what you are talking about but I am sure someone here can give you some advice...


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