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Penny is back ( metastatic squamous cell carcinoma ( neck ) without a primary

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It has been a long haul since 7-30-2001 and I am now getting back to everyone. Sorry that I lost my way... Anyway... I am back... Will update my webpage soon ( penny2001 ).... So far, still cancer free.... Yeah!!!! write me........or e-mail me at pennyshaver@caltel.com

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Penny where did your metastatic squamous cell cancer start and spread too. My husbands started in this piriform sinus (throat). Back in March of 2002. He had 40 radiation treatments (agressive) at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. HE was just starting to feel good in January 2003. Got the feeding tube out and etc. And now it has metatized first in his left elbow but they got it. The worse his in his lungs. HE has twelve tumors in the lungs. He just started Chemo with cisplatin, 5fu and taxol. He was doing pretty good until now he has radiation recall. He says it is just like going thru the radiation again to the neck area. He is swallen in the throat, cannot get liquids down again. Alot of mouth a throat sores. Just like being radiated again, and he is going thru pure hell again. I noticed your spread as I asked where did it orginate and where did it spread. And what treatments did you have. IS cancer cannot be cured but we hope for effectiveness of the chemo for longivity of life and quality of life. If he can stay on this treatment he has aleast a 50% chance of some sort of effectiveness. Thanks, Candy

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