PSA following radiation seed implants

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I would like to hear about PSA blood levels following seed implants. My husband dropped from 5.7 to 1.89-is that pretty normal? He was a little disappointed that it had not dropped further by now.


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    You need to ask your husbands doctor whether this is "normal" for him. We are all different and it varies however,

    I am glad to hear he evidently is doing much better, that is the over-ridding concern.

    Yes, we all would like it to go to zero but that isn't always the case. My doctor indicated that he expected some "scattering of psa levels" meaning it will go up some, go down some, stay the same. What he is worried about is a gradual or drastic trend UP in the psa levels.

    Unfortunately, this is not a disease that we can have immediate, unquestioned statements of being cured as if we were having a cavity filled and once done it is cured. I too am concerned but refuse to let it control my life.

    Had my psa level not gone down to below 1.0, I would be questioning my doctor," is this normal and is "post(after seed implant) external beam radiation recommended/required to insure all cancer cells have been killed / contained in the prostate ??

    Some in the medical profession administer radiation treatment (external) sometimes to supplement the implant. Also, I had hormone therapy prior to and after the seed implant. Supposedly,
    it reduced the size of the prostate, eliminated the food (testertrone) that cancer grows on and made the cancer cells more sensitive to the seed im-plant. Be aware, there are side affects to both of these treatments and you should ask about them!

    Possibly, both, one or another option is available to relieve your concerns IF ONE EXISTS. Ask your doctor.

    It will take time to record psa levels over months, years. Be patient but vigilant to any "non-normal" changes and immediately seek your doctors input.

    Again, anything over 1.0 would be high for me but may be normal for your husbands situtation. Ask your doctor. A lot depends on many variables.

    Enjoy the success of what you both have now and keep an eye on any changes.
    God bless and let me know if you want to discuss my experiences with hormone therapy? Can;t comment on radiation.
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    My husband is about to have this procedure done, do you know if there is any link between the seeding process and brain cancer?