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MY TC Story

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I was just recently diagnosed with TC. I am still recovering from surgery to remove the testicle. Things are going very well and I will be sitting down with the radiologist in the next few weeks to dicuss radiation treatment as a followup. I will be 30 in April and based on my review of this stories on this web site I don't feel so much like it is well before my time. My story is just unfolding and I am as upbeat as I can be, this is not going to stop me! I wish the best for everyone with cancer, keep smiling and hope for miracles, they can happen...

If you are thinking about sharing your story or need someone to relate with please feel free to send me a note at jasonphelps@yahoo.com.

Jason Phelps
Londonderry, NH

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I had my surgery 3 weeks ago and am still sore , i go for my cat scan on the 24th of march wish me luck,,, cemo sounds like a drag but iam getting up on all the info i can so it wont be as bad when the time comes .
Iam 37 and very active or atleast was , so this down time not to mention the pain sucks and iam abartender by trade so going back to work will tommorow will be a major drag , coworkers and regulars asking about my surgery , if i've got cancer ,blah ,blah ;0[
thanks for listening
yours n surviving ;0]
Mark a.k.a abartender

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Thank you for checking in. I am a consultant where local travel is my game so getting back to work was OK, driving was uncomfortable for a couple of days. Where do you live? How has your experience been with you doctor? As I have looked at information on this web site I am considering getting some more medical experts involved as we continue to look at my information.

My CAT scan went well overall, if you have ever had alergies you might want to ask your doctor about reactions to the dye.

Keep in touch, our small community can surely use the support and useful information.


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I'm 2 years cancer-free in May, and counting.

You know it's not good when your doctor touches your testicle and goes "Oh Geez!" That was the Monday before the 2000 presidential election. That whole Gore v. Bush thing is kind of a blur, because the Wednesday after the election, I had the first of 5 surgeries, and four rounds of chemo. (No radiation for mine, though). With a beautiful wife of 10 years, and an 18 month old toddler, quitting was not an option.

I heard about this network on a television commerical; and just had to sign up. I got a lot of support when I was down; now, under the "bread upon the waters" theory, it's my turn to step up.

I'm available for chat, for support, and if anyone wants to hear my story (including why I can never cheer against Indiana Univ. in any sport ever again!), post here, or e-mail me at jtsimmons@jtsimmons.com

Jim Simmons
Macomb Township, MI

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The Die is terrible...I was in the restroom twice before even having the Scan. My CAT scan was enough for me to have the retropreneal lymphnode disection...there was absolutely no way I could do that once a month for years.

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If you want 2 know about the RPLND just let me know. IUPU is the best place.
M Greene

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Jason good luck to ya. Keep positive, keep smiling, and don't quit!That is my motto. TC at 17 that spread to lungs and brain. 4% chance to live. Through humor, faith, good family, friends, and doctors I am ten years cancer free.
Some things to try...Envision - picture in any way that you would like, the cancer being destroyed. I learned about it in a story about a little boy who would play asteroids and imagine that everyone that he shot was part of his cancer. Another thing you can do which I really enjoyed was to do what ever things you loved to do the most. Reason behind it is not what you are thinking. The reason is that when you are doing something that you love to do, you are less apt to think about your illness and that is when your immune system kicks in the best. Best of luck to you, Dave D_Adair75@bellsouth.net

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