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Had last radiation treatment Feb 12 and last chemo Jan 30. Does anyone have any secrets on controlling all this mucous? I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time and I throw up almost every morning from a belly full of mucous. I have coughing fits that resulted in my coughing one PEG tube through my skin and I'm about to do the same to a second PEG tube. (Still can't eat, can barely drink, talk only occassionly. Throat so sore even air causes intense burning). Any help greatly appreciated.

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I am so sorry that you are going through this. It does get better. Radiation makes you swell and with no saliva, tons of mucous developes. Just drink water as much as you can. My radiation doctor gave me some type of mucous cocktail that was supposed to help. It even had a numbing agent in it, but it was horrible. I lived on cabbage in broth and chicken broth. It was so horrible I had panic attacks. Just remember it will get better every day. I have squamos cell carcinoma of the left neck cervical lymph node without a primary ( occult ). They still do not know where my primary is. You can see my website on penny2001 here at the network. If you want to directly e-mail me... you can...at
pennyshaver@caltel.com and I will reply... Good luck....

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sorry I did not write sooner but been busying with recurring cancer with my husband. He is the one that went thru 40 radiation treatments to the neck area. Finished last July 10, 2002. He went thru the feeding tube, the mucous and lots more. It does get better. He finally got better in January of 2003. So it took him almost 7 months and he still is not fully recovered from radiation. But he used baking soda and water mixture alot. 1 teaspoon of baking soda to one quart of water.. Swish and spit. This you can use any time. This breaks down the acid in the system that causes the mucous. It also thins out the mucous. Also club soda helps alot. Either drink it or swish and swallow. This also helps to thin out the mucous. It does get better with time. It took him 7 months and after 2 throat diluations to get rid of the feed tube and eat again. Be patient I know it is hard. Prayers with you, Candy and Jim

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My dad just finished his treatment (39 rad, 2 chemo) and is having a lot of problems with excessive mucous. He said it is worse now (1 week after treatment) than it was. He had a shot prior to each treatment, which made him sick, but from what I've read should be worth it in the end for the salivary glands.

I would be anxious to hear how you're doing now-- hopefully much more comfortable!

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