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Chasing my tail!!!

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Well i don't even know where to begin! My father (70) was diagnosed in June 2002 with lung cancer. I have tried to do some research to try and understand and somehow i still dont understand. I dont know where to go because I feel that i need someone to talk to! I am new to all of this message board and hope that someone can share there story with me or just take the time to talk with me!

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Maddiesmom: Hey, my mom died of lung and liver cancer. I may have answers to some of your questions. If you want to email me at RSMITH2@new.rr.com, if you want I'll give you my phone number so we can chat. If not, email is ok too.

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My father passed from lung cancer when I was young. I am willing to help you, however that may be. Feel free to email me at edunn7@juno.com I would be more than happy to listen if you just need someone to talk to.

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