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Radiation Seed Implants-

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My husband still has burning with urination and difficulty with urination after 6 months and can not seem to get any relief! Anyone else have this trouble?

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Hope everything else with your husband relative to psa etc is good however,
I have had both symptoms you mentioned - not necessairly both at the same time.
First, frequent or infrequent urniation may be bladder muscle problem - after having the internal cathera? removed the muscle that controls flow was not up to function. Doctor prescribed some medicine to help / control the muscle Flowmax??? Ask your doctor.

Most recently the burning sensation has returned to the penis. The doctor indicated that this is a major complaint even with those that had surgery and he called it "reflective pain" but in reality there was nothing wrong.

Additionally, he went in with a scope and determined that one of the seeds (they do have a tendency to move) was near the surface, causing some irration or reddness that we observed.
Course of action:
1. Antibotics to clear up the small inflammation
2. Live with it
3. Surgery if it is unbearable and continues

Of course these may not be all of the options but were discussed at this point. Burning is very bad even after antibotics. Unless it gets worse, I plan to live with it.

Hope some of this has helped but you need to push your doctor and ask (demand gently) answers/ options to your questions / problems.

God bless and good luck.

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