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sarcoma sucks

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I have Osteosarcoma. A type of bone cancer. My surgery was in June of last year. Im 24 and love to surf, my doctor told me i wont be able to anymore but i beg to differ. I recently got me a longboard so im gonna try it out this summer. I was wondering if anyone else was having any problems with there leg since surgery. I have bad numbing pains in my foot and cant bend my leg all the way back. So what problems have you had with your surgery and have you found anyway to help it or decrease the pain?

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i had osteosarcoma when I was 15. I had two knee replacements and 9 months of chemo. It did suck! But I'm cancer free now and my leg is doing great. I had a long recovery though. I understand about not being able to do something that you love. I ran track and was making plans to train for the olympics but those went to the wayside when I got sick. if you ever want to talk email me at ringpopstj@hotmail.com

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I was a runner until most of my left quad and femur were removed due to fibro/osteosarcoma. It does suck!! My leg bothers me alot, but I have just accepted that it will. I am two years out from surgery and still making improvement, so it is a long haul. I have found that I am able to cycle now and that has taken the place of running.

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Hey I thought your story was interesting. I had a total knee replacement almost 3 years ago. Chemo for 10 months. I used to be into sports, but I can't even run now! How did you get back on a bike without the pain?? Let me know! i would love to be able to get back on a bike, but I'm scared I won't be able to do it. Anyways I'm 25 now. Let me know!

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Yes it sucks. The reason why they do not want you to surf is if you break your leg there is a good chance you wil lose it. Its hard not being able to do the things you use to it changes everything. Sometimes thats not so bad because bceause of my leg I was put into a new position at work that I probally would have never had a chance at getting. You have to make some changes in the things you do. How about getting a wet bike just dont got to nuts.

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I am 24 and have chondrosarcoma in the knee/distal femur. I had it removed and got a new Stryker/Howmedica knee 1 year ago. 3 weeks ago I was surfing double overhead waves in Costa Rica, so my Doc did a decent job, (Surfing is low impact). But it makes unpleasant sounds and hurts. I am also having problems with my other patella not tracking right from too much stress on it. I just started Pilates to try and straighten out my body from spending 4 months on the couch and it is going well. I would like to know/share info on what exercises work well and if vitamins/herbs like glucosamine chondrotin work.

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Yeah, I know it does, but I have to highly recommend that you not push your limits too much. I'm 21 and have had my handicap sticker for 5 years now. Basketball was my sport. Sarcoma mostly sucks because of its physical limits, but it's less limiting than having no leg at all. Take risks, but not ones that could potentially cost you the ability to walk. My doctor preaches biking and especially swimming to me. Do those for a while and keep looking for things you can do.

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