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Can you relate to my pain?

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I am a 6 year survivor of esphogeal Cancer. I have developed pain in my abdominal area after eating. It lasts from 5 min. up to an hour. There have been times that no pain occurs. To ease the pain my wife rubs my lower back area and the pain goes away. I am hoping that someone who has had the same pain and has been able to reduce or stop it can enlighten me so that I can try to see if it will help me. I am open to all suggestions, so please help me if you can.

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I'm not a cancer patient, so I can't directly relate to your situation, but was wondering if the pain occurs after eating a particular type of food - spicy, fatty, salty, etc. Maybe if you kept a simple food journal, you could narrow down what types of food give you trouble. My dad has esoph cancer, and the foods that have given him trouble are really weird - there never seems to be a clear pattern, but at least once he's identified the problem food, he can avoid it. For example, lemon and orange rind bothered him for a while - not lemons and oranges themselves, just the rind (like in marmalade, or pies). And vanilla ice cream - no other flavour, just vanilla. It would gve him nasty stomach pain. He can eat both of these things now, but they both gave him trouble for a while.

I hope you're feeling better soon,


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