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Someone please talk to me!

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I was newly diagnosed with low grade NHL (Stage III) on Jan 7, 2003. I must admit that I have had a difficult time dealing with my questions, confusion, fear and anger about my diagnosis. Thank God, I have the most wonderful husband, family and friends by my side, but I find it more healing at times to chat with other NHL survivors. I have taken two months to seek other opinions, do research and soul searching before deciding on treatment. Next week , I will undergo my first round of weekly infusions of Rituxan. Has anyone else been treated with Rituxan? Please tell me something positive. Thanks.
Dancing Angel.

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HI. On July 30th, 2002 I discovered I had NHL Stage III. Two lumps were removed from my neck and I underwent all the test and it was found in around my intestine and kidney area. I found an oncologist in my area and then went to MD Anderson where they put me on CHOP-R treatments. I'm not sure if that is the kind you will be on but Rituxan was part of the treatment. I had to have a total of 6 treatments that began on Oct 29, 2002. On Christmas day (after 3 treatments) I traveled back to Houston where I underwent more testing to see if the treatment was working. The verdict was I was in remission!!!! I came back finished the last three treatments. My last one was Feb 28th. I will go back at the the end of this month for another test and then I will be checked every 6 months. I have had very few bad days with the treatment. It did make me a nemic but thats ok....So dont let it get you down. You too can win!!!

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I'm here! My name is Denise. I'm 36 years old. I was diagnoised at age 31 with stage 4 NHL. 98% aggressive. I have had a stem cell transplant and , after 5 years, considered cured. It was a very long and difficult road, but I am a better person because of it. My doctors have no medical reason why I am here. They also say I have the wisdom of a 90 year old in a 30+ year old body. So if I can help you or others in anyway, It would make everything I went through worth it. I understand your fears and emotions on a level that can not be expressed. So, please let me help if I can. I AM HERE...Denise

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Hi there Denise. My fiance is also 31 years old and was diagnosed 12-11-02 with tcell lymphoma, he had 2 tumors, one in his chest, and one in his neck. He received CHOP (6 rounds) and was "cured"...both tumors were 100% gone. Now he is back in the hospital, (May 4) and we found out the lymphoma has spread to the lining in his brain, he is undergoing an Omya.. ( a catheter) in his head to receive chemo there. The doctor says this was a possibility to spread there because regular Chemo (CHOP) doesnt penetrate the brain area. But we are having a hard time understanding this next part...It has spread to his kidneys..The doctor is also confused because the first CHOP was so successful erradicating his first 2 tumors... The doctor is setting him up on the next dose of Chemo..Salvage, a higher dose, once a month for 2 months, and then following up with Stem cell, . His bone marrow is ok as well as the rest of his organs and his adrenal system. he will be receiving his own blood back into him if i understand this correctly. If anyone has any help. information or similiar stories i would grreatly appreciate the support. Thank you !

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Dancing Angel,
I'm sure there are plenty of us out here who have had Rituxan. I had a high grade B cell NHL about a year ago. I had Rituxan somewhere in my chemo. regime - seems like I only had about 3 or 4 weekly infusions.
There are a number of good web sites you may want to check out re: NHL. If you really want to chat with others, there is a very active group on Yahoo!
Take a look at my web page here on the CSN site, and if you'd like to talk more, feel free to e-mail me at snmdeselle@attbi.com.

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Hello I recvied the rituxun and it did great
I in remission now

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My husband Mike,has undergone Rituxson treatments, I don't know how they will affect you, but it slowed up his NHL. He is still getting Chemo treatments. Talk to an associate at the American Cancer Treatment Center in Seattle Washington. They can really fill you in on alot of things,that's what we did. They have alternative treatments to chemo and Rituxson. Mike's NHL isn't going away, I wish it would. Mike's wife

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