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meal time help

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I visit with a friend that has liver cancer.She has finished her chemo and radiation treatment about 2 months ago. Since then she has went from 108 to 99lbs. She is 83 years of age and meal time is very hard. Any ideas. HELP ....

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My mother had liver cancer, and had same thing. Get her ensure, boost,nutrional bars, ice cream, custard, etc. Anything that she likes with calories and nutition. It can be dificult to watch them not eat, but at this point anything that they like and are hungry for should be given. Hope your friend is doing better, and I hope this helps.

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My Mother had primary liver cancer and also had trouble eating as her cancer progressed. As you said, it's hard to watch someone you care about not eat. I agree with a previous post -- feed your friend anything that she is willing to eat. My Mom tended to like Ensure and Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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