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Any metastatic melanoma survivors?

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3 months ago I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in my right frontal lobe. It turned out to be the size of a golf ball when I had it removed in December. I am only 29 and I am wondering if anyone else out there has any similar experiences.

The original melanoma was a small mole on my left arm which was removed when I was 21, 8 years ago. I never thought it would come back and here I am, in Florida, undergoing chemotherapy to battle this horrible disease.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and let's keep being positive so we can beat cancer.


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In Aug. 2009. I had melanoma skin cancer on the right side of my back. They removed it and took a lymph node from under my right arm.
All margins were clear = no cancer around the skin were the melanoma was removed.
Until July 2011 when I had swelling under my right arm. I went in for a CT scan that showed the mass under my arm was a lymph node and also showed lesions on my liver, left lung and left breast.... they remove the swollen lymph node that was tested positive for Melanoma Metastasis cancer.

Then I went for an MRI on my brain because that is one of the areas Melanoma Metastasis spreads, so they wanted to rule that out..and they did...good brain :)
They had me go in for a PET Scan to see if the lesions on my liver, lung, and breast were cancer... Mammogram and PET scan showed breast had no cancer :)
but the lesions on my lung and liver were cancer.
I have been going for chemo through an IV every 3 weeks. In January I will get another PET scan and that will tell me if I will continue with the treatment...do a New treatment...OR...NO treatment.
Although I have only been a Christian for about 10ish years, I put my trust in the Lord and in His Word " The Bible" He says.. He holds me in the palm of His hand, He says ...He will never leave me, His Word says... God will turn bad things into GOOD, His word says that... perfect LOVE throws out FEAR ...and if I have His perfect Love with me, and in me, what can I fear.... His Word says ....GOD has a plan for my life :) ....and so much MORE....I will hold onto GOD's Promises and Trust that they are for me :)
And so with TONS of Prayers from TONS of people all over the world.
ME being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and about 7 Months of blood draws twice ever 3 weeks and IV Chemo every 3 weeks= the drugs used were Zofram, Decadron, and Dacarbazine.
I was also drinking 4 or more 16oz bottles of waters per day and using high amounts of baking soda brushing my teeth and gargling with it 2-3 times daily, and drinking it with a maple syrup chaser weekly, and a table spoon of honey with cinnamon weekly, they both helped with being tired and they are also known for healing qualities. I also had a Boost a day for energy with my black coffee.. and Milk of Magnesia or pink Pepto every so often :P blaa
And with TONS of Prayers from TONS of people all over the world.--Facebook Friends, their Friends and Church Members.
Also I was able to work about 3 weeks out of the Month and although my hair had some falling out it only thinned and I was able to have a short hair style :D
Even though I was not able to find anyone who has had (the same type of cancer) and was(fully cured)never having to go to a Dr. again.
I knew that it is GOD alone who HEALS ! and HE Can Do whatever HE will.
==Today as of 1-18-2012 I am HAPPY to Say==
I Am Cancer FREE = The PET scan results say NO Cancer.. Praise GOD.
Im in Remission. Rejoice and Praise the LORD with me :D :D
After my 3 months of no chemo, I had another PET scan 4-11-12 and the lung & liver are still clear :D
but they did see a spot in my right knee...not sure what it is and they did look at the old scans and saw that it was there and it has not changed in size... I will be having a Biopsy 4-27-12 and they see whether or not it's just an old injury...
I am sO-o Happy my lung and liver are still clear :D
My knee biopsy came back cancer Free. I go 7-1-12 for a CT scan ...Praise GOD !!!
the results are in from my scan on 7- 1-12... the Dr. says to come back for another scan in 4 months... so I go for another CT scan on 12-3-12

I have found some information on keeping your pH balanced that kills cancer cells...and I was pleasantly surprise that I changed my diet , not knowing I was raising my pH Level, and I will continue to monitor my pH now that I know :D
Praying for you and your family Keep the Faith ... to God be the Glory :D



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A family member participated in a clinical trial with Interluekin 2 and he has now been cancer free 8 years.

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2008 I was told to go home and see my friends and family and I better do it in the next month or two. I returned from vacation about 2 months later and all of a sudden I had a miracle turn around. I guess that was over 4 years now... I havent done the holistic approach (as a matter of fact the last thing my dr told me before I left on vacation was to have all the steak, burgers and beer I wanted (as I was on a strict diet), so when I returned she asked what I did.. I told her I ate burgers and steaks and drank beer... she told me to keep doing it). However I am not recommending to do that, I am recommmending to do what your Dr's advise.

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What treatments have you been given? My significant other was diagnosed in January 2012. He now has 8 brain mets. He has had stereotactic radiation, Yervoy plus Dacarbazine, whole brain radiation, and now Temodar . . . only to have more brain mets. Nothing seems to be slowing the progression. Like you, he has a very aggressive type of melanoma. He, too, has been given a time frame of less than a year. It's sad when those that need the treatment the most are denied clinical trials because of brain mets.

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Here is the information I have learned while battling metastic melanoma, which actually happend 5.5 years after the initial shave (no wide-excision done). Chemo and surgeries can actually make cancers spread. Some people use both conventional and non-conventional, alternative treatments.


PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT ALL CONVENTIONAL AND ALTERNATIVE HEALING PROTOCOLS REQUIRE PATIENCE AND TIME. Do not get discouraged because you seem not to get the results quickly. The cancer took time to develop and grow. It will take time to heal the body.

Step 1 DETOX. DETOX. DETOX. The body is contaminated with all types of acififying chemicals via our food, air, water, and anything else that permeates our bodies. Too much sun causes skin cancer. GMOs cause cancer. Pastuerized milk can cause cancer. Alcoholic beverages will kill cells faster than anything else. That's why people who drink get liver and pancreatic cancers. DO NOT USE OVER THE COUNTER DETOX PREPARATIONS!!  Acidity causes inflammation which makes the body vulnerable to disease.

Step 2 There are various protocols that address cancer. The natural protocols all involve ingesting chemicals that are natural to our bodies: NUTRIENTS. Those nutrients keep us alive. When the foods we eat are deficient in the nutrients, our bodies begin to deteriorate. It's an individual rate of deterioration. Some people are old before disease consumes the body.

Websites that will give you information and protocols:

DETOX: www.aboutclay.com and www.livingclayco.com - He must before starting any type of treatment, detox using Calcium Bentonite Clay both exterally and internally. if you go to the first website, it will have information about clay and the benefits. You can also go to Amazon.com to buy the small book which will tell you just about everything you need to know. Also, join the chat room. You can ask the author of the book question and she will answer you, and so will other people who have been using the clay.

Clay baths are crucial to detox. The website should tell you how to do that. But make sure that the clay is premixed before you put it in your bathtub because the undissolved clay will clog your pipes and could damage your pipes. Clay baths should be done at least twice weekly, if not more at the beginning. Not daily, as it would dry out the skin.

Internal detox: the instructions are on the aboutclay.com website.


1. www.naturalnews.com - this website is dedicated to reporting and recommending healthy lifestyle changes and reports on research. He also sells products. Most of the products you can probably find for less at other stores, or mail order. But it gives you a list to work from.

2. www.gerson.com - best our culture has to offer!! This will teach you how to eat a healthy diet to prevent and treat disease.

3. www.burzynskiclinic.com/ - He has a conventional approach to treat cancer, but it is customized to the person and it is not like most cancer treatmetns that "one-size-fits-all". He also adds a chemical compound he says people who get cancer are deficient in. He restores that chemical compound, and the cancer heals, along with the customized drug regimen. People who were told to go home and die walk out of his treatment program cancer free. He's expensive, but if you have insurance, should be no problem. What is life worth?

4. www.IP-6.net - Everyone should take this, healthy or otherwise. This is a miracle breakthrough nutrient compound. Get the small book so you understand the research and how this nutrient compound will nourish the body. People with stage 4 cancers are supposed to be feeling tired, rotten, and sick. I don't feel tired. In fact, my energy level went through the roof!! And, as a side benefit, it started healing "other conditions" in my body. It does not work real fast, and a person has to stay on it consistenly.

Do not start out slow. He needs to take 6 capsules twice daily on a 12-hour schedule on an empty stomach. Wait at least 2 hours before and after taking IP6. If you eat heavily, wait 3 hours for digestion to finish emptying the stomach. I take mine at 10AM and at 10PM. I found out that if I take the IP6 earlier in the evening, my energy level is too strong to sleep at night. So take it at bedtime and the IP6 can work while you are sleeping.

5. www.megafoods.com - he needs a good multivitamin. You can find these in your health food stores, or get them online. Do not get the ones with herbs in it. I take MegaFood 100%whole Food ONE DAILY. Do not take anything with soy, or other fillers or preservatives like guar gum or other "gums". These are neurotoxins. Last thing he needs is a neurotoxin battling with an already weakened immune system.You can buy the MegaFoods brand locally.

6. You need to take serrapeptase. But first read http://www.newswithviews.com/Howenstine/james174.htm information so you can make an informed choice. REMEMBER THIS: enzymes break down food in your digestive system. If you take too much of the fat burners, it can cause too much weight loss. Do not lose weight. The cancer will cause you to do this anyway. This enzyme destroys the fibrogen that protects the cancer cell from getting zapped by our natural killer cells (T cells) from our immune system. If you want to determine if he needs more than one enzyme, please check with a medical professional.

7. Vitamin D3. 1000 IU twice daily. Check with a doctor first. But research consistently shows that we can take up to 2000 IU daily without any side effects. Vitamin D has shown to kill cancer. Get it from MegaFood because it doesn't have any additives.

The multivitamin already has 400 IU, so taking 1.5 Vitamin D3 will make up the difference. That would equal 1,900 IU.


8. Vitamin B12 - If you take the recommended multivitamin listed above, it gives you 250mcg of Methylcobalamin. Do not take the synthetic form, Cobalamin. Synthetic vitamins and substances promote cancer. They are test-tube substances. Check with a medical professional for proper dosage.

9. The treatment includes a radical change in foods a person with cancer eats. Actually, at first no red meats, or fowl. Oily fish are permitted. This is because meat and even fish are highly acidic foods. One reason we get cancer and other diseases is because the body becomes too acidic. The human body must be at least 7.3 - 7.4 to maintain health. Anything less is a death spiral. When we are sick, we need to go higher on the pH scale to balance our pH again. we have to raise the bar because the body, when it feels acidic, will take from our bones or anything else available in the body to return it to a normal pH.

Foods to consume: high alkalaine foods. 80% of foods consumed must be alkaline; 20% are acidic because we must also have acids in the body for the body to function normally.

EAT ORGANIC FOODS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The pesticides on conventional foods only create more problems, and cause cancer.

10. I forgot to add to the treatment list: CHINESE MEDICINE. The Chinese have figured out how to cure cancer with herbs and other treatments without chemo and our American pathological methods of drugs and chemo and surgeries. If you can afford it, they can add to your arsenal in your fight to kill the cancer.

MELANOMAS are not "normal" cancers. They are very aggressive and very difficult to kill and survive. But there is hope. I was told about a woman who had a melanoma in the corner of her eye next to her nose. After 10 years she was still alive and well. I don't know if she metastasized. Not everyone dies from a melanoma. Senator McCain had 3 removed and he is still alive.


The night sweat is just one of the symptoms the body experiences. I don't know right now of anything that alleviates that symptom. You can google it. Or, check with a Chinese doctor to see if they have any herbal remedy.

Another nasty symptom is lean mass wasting. If he starts to lose weight and muscle and starting "thinning" quickly, he is wasting. That is more dangerous than the cancer. Cancer cells have a higher metabolism than a normal cell. They require more energy and will take the energy from healthy cells, thus the wasting from the cancer stealing energy.


The key to surviving any illness is knowledge. Alot of the information I gave you has taken me almost 5 years to discover and put together like pieces to a puzzle. I am technically dying as I write this.

If I think of anything else, I'll write again.

Find a really good Chinese doctor, a nurtopath, or someone who is an expert in treating disease and illness by natural means. I'm not a medical profesional. The information I gave you is for your education and research purposes. I don't know for certain that a Stage 4, three cm melanoma will respond to only the information I suggested.


http://skincancer.about.com/od/diagnosis/a/clark_breslow.htm if you want to know the staging of melanomas. Melanomas are not a dark hole you cannot unacquire. It can heal. It's knowing what chemical compounds the body needs to restore the body to health.

I would be interested in knowing how your friend is progressing. I hope this information will help. Conventional doctors will tell you that it wasting your time and money. Don't listen to their lies. They are fresh out of ideas, and the AMA establishment is too proud to admit there are other alternatives to conventional treatments. If you elect to go the conventional route, you will need a very good dietary regimen to offset the destructive forces of chemo drugs and radiation.


Almost forgot, although I'm not sure this is a significant aspect of killing a melanoma. www.phkillscancer.com this is the story of an older man who beat cancer using baking soda and molasses. It will raise the pH level, but it takes awhile. At Stage four, there isn't alot of time to waste. But you can try it and see if it raises the pH level. To test, get pH testing strips. follow the directions.



Jan 26, 2013 - 1:02 pm

I forgot to add regarding the "growing back" of the melanoma. Get Hedd-Wyn's organic Oil of Oregano. Put at least one half dropper full on the melanoma and cover it with a bandaid. Make sure the oil does not mix with the adhesive on the bandaid or you will feel like your skin is on fire....

Also, Oil of Oregano can be taken internally. Read the directions. The website: http://heddwynessentials.com/ooo/index.php

It will give you more information about the oil.

Did they recommend the "wide excision" surgery? It does not always take care of the problem, and people do metastize after the surgery. It helps a very small percentage of people.


http://serrapeptase.info/?s=cancer This website will give you more professional information on Serrapeptase. It has no known toxicity (30 years since its development).

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I have had metastic melanoma. At age 15 I had a mole on my head removed and a few weeks later I had lymph glands swollen and removed and had 6 chemo's over the next 9 months. I am now 69 years old. I contribute my health to early detection, positive attitude, excellent Doctors, healthy diet, country living and prayers. I wish you have the best of success and a healthy future.


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