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Erection difficulties post surgery

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It has been 14 months since I had my prostate removed, my last 4 PSA tests have all come back 0.00 and of course that is excellent news. My problem, however, is since my surgery my sex drive has gone into overdrive but I can do absolutely nothing about it as I find it impossible to get even the slightest erection even though I am as horny as the well-known 2-peckered owl. Question 1. Is this normal? Question 2. Is there a "fix" ???

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I don't like to hear that. It's only been 4 weeks for me and I certainly can relate to the "urge". In my original consultations the topic was brought up and I was told that Viagara could be considered down the road at some point depending on how my situtation turned out. Did you ask your doctor? 14 months would seem like a long enough time to wait and see but I am not a doctor.

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i don;t believe that viagra down the road is the right road. viagra increasa blood flow to the penis. take it weather it works or not. if or when the nerves repair themselves u will want the penis ready to accept the blood flow. gotta keep it moving. I recieved a serul nerve graft at the time of my RP a new technique in treating post rp drectile dysfuncton. I am about twenty percent with viagra at about 6 months They say I need about 18 months to two years for spontaneous full erctions

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A friend of mine had similar problems and was using a pump. Have you tried that or Viagra??


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You really need to ask your doctor however,
I had seed implant. Sex drive is back (80%) and erection is at 60%. Have a prescription for vigra which I have yet to use (hoping for more normal imporvement).

This is possibly one of the side effect of surgery which your doctor should have advised you of. Normally, they do all possible to minimize damage to the nerves (that allow erection and run down along both sides of the prostrate). Your doctor can best advise to what extent he was able to minimize damage to these nerves which will give you at least a starting point to consider treatment options.
Good luck,

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Mike and others,

I just had my radical prostatectomy on February 10, so I'm still a long way from full recovery. I've experienced some partial erections, which my doctor said is encouraging. He has told me that within six months we'll know if I've healed on my own or should try Viagra. He said about 50-70% of men will heal on their own, another 2/3 of the remaining 30-50% respond to Viagra, and those who don't respond to Viagra can have penile implant surgery. I guess I'm wondering why your doctor has let you go 14 months without offering Viagra or implant surgery as a solution. What's up with that?! If he's not helpful, get a second opinion and get your problem addressed.

On the positive side, count your blessings on the 0 PSA readings. That's what I'm hoping for when we do the blood test later this month.

Good luck, Mike!

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It has been about 12 and 1/2 months since I had my prostate surgery. My urologist gave me my first samples of Viagra at about two months (25, 50, and 100mg over a period of time); none of them worked, much to my frustration. However, then he gave me a prescription for the vacuum pump; works great, except for a little discomfort wearing the restriction rings. Little price for a nice erection! However, I plan to try the injections soon (because of the restriction ring discomfort), if I can get up the nerve to inject myself.

Why not try the pump?

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It has been two years since my radical nerve sparing prostatectomy. I have used the injections
for 18 months. Nerves are still healing and slowly improving with erections. The injections give a normal erection within ten to fifteen minutes. Have not had to worry about losing an erection because it strays erect. Nerves heal depending on the age of the patient and skill of the surgeon. If you want to try injections a compounding pharmacy mixes up a custom injection batch to match the patient's need. My pharmacy guarantees each batch to work or he will make up a new batch. Injections are using tiny insulin needles. After the first time in the doctor's office, I had no problem during it a home.

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Read your message and some of the replies and I agree your urologist should have been more informative. Had my prostatectomy in mid August and it supposedly saved 50% of the nerves. Catheter came out three weeks after surger and I successfully masturbated, with no erection, to orgasm that night. I have not been able to achieve an erection so far. Doc prescribed the pump, and it has been marginally satisfactory; ie I have had a few satisfactory orgasms duuring intercourse with erections brought on by the pump and constricting rings. I have also tried viagra and have noticed partial erections of short duration. On the last occasion, by holding the bottom of my penis, I was able to achieve some vaginal penetration, but was not hard enough to continue with normal intercourse. I had to use the pump to achieve that. I would suggest a long talk with your urologist concerning viagra, the pump etc. If you are not satisfied, find a new urologist. Sounds like the urologist is satisfied, he performed the surgery, you survived, paid your bill and helped to pay for his BMW and swimming pool!!!!!!

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my husband had surgery 6 months aga and is having the same problems . if you find something that works let me know

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I had my surgery in September. Asked my Dr. for viagra in January. He said it would probably be 6 to 12 months before anything would happen. I tried the viagra. Initally it would give me a 60% erection. The real problem was the surgery took away my stamina. I think I could get 100% erection but my wife has to masterbate me and I can't last long enough to get it up all the way. Anyone having the same problem? My Dr. did say the shots work the best. I see him in June. Will discuss the shots at that time.

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