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Bodies - a short film

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I am writing and will soon be directing a short film entitled "Bodies" which is an adaptation from a short story published in The New Yorker Magazine (Sept. 30th issue). The main character is in the "wait and see" stage after 10 rounds of chemo for Stage III Hodgkin's lymphoma.

I am writing for two reasons. First, I would like to speak to those diagnosed with cancer (whether Hodgkin's or not) to make sure I depict an honest and realistic portrayal of a woman struggling with cancer. Second, I shoot this film in late March and early April, and I have a scene that takes place in an oncology waiting room and need extras, some with speaking roles. It'd be about a 1/2 day of shooting in NYC.

If you're interested in either, I would be very grateful. I can be reached at amy_wendel@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time.
Amy Wendel

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Amy, I just want you to know that I think your film sounds wonderful, and if I were still living in NYC (or even close by) I would love to participate in it.
I wish you good fortune in your venture!
Very sincerely, Oby Thomas
Naperville, IL

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Amy thank you for taking your time to care for people who have or has had cancer.i had ovarian cancer at the age of 27 i am 35 now im doing good no signs of it coming back.my doctor dont believe in the word remission.it is cured to him. good luck. sincerely mamie

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