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cervical cancer treatment

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hello. i am not a cancer survivor but i hope my friend will be. she has been diagnosed with severe cervical dysplasia. her physician says cancer is just around the corner. she needs laser treatments immediately. she has qualified for disability because of her crone's disease, but now must wait 5 or 6 months to be eligible for health coverage. she doesn't qualify for the illinois act for aid because she is only 25 years old. every phone call had resulted in a dead end. we are desperatley seeking a way to get her treatment before she actually has cancer. i hope someone will be able to give us some helpful inoformation. thank you. irene

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Dear Irene,

I couldnt get anyone to see me for 5 or 6 years and I got cerviacal cancer stage 2b and was spreading to my lymph nodes but hadnot made it yet . GO TO ER ROOM.... If she is sick enough they will assign her a Gyn And the medicaid will have to help especially if she has children. I am 28 and Im A survivor, dont wait , pay if you have too , and dont smoke .

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Dear Irene, Please make sure your friend is seeing a gynecologic oncologist. If not, then try to get her an appointment with one. All they deal with is female cancer. Also, a gyn. onc. can better determine if your friend can safely wait 5-6 months for treatment. If she can't,maybe she should consider moving-don't laugh. In Tenn, you automatically qualify for TennCare if you have breast or cervical cancer. I believe in the power of prayer and I will keep you and your friend in mine. Good Luck!

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