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More Deep Thoughts

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Just Like Alice

I peer into the looking glass,
No wonderland I see
But a topsy turvy lonely place
Where cancer beckons me.

Where up is down, and left is right
Where no one comes to play
And nothing is as it should seem
And darkness rules the day.

Where people whom I thought
Did not notice me at all
Rushed to my aid to guide me
And help me stand up tall.

And those I thought had loved me most
Left me in this place, this hell
To battle this demon bold and strong
For how long? No one could tell.

So now I'm left to wonder
Which one of me came back
From that hellish wonderland
The one who’s looking in the glass…

Or the one who’s staring back?

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Your writings are beautiful....and tragically true. May the peace of God find you where you are. May you always have the place and means to express yourself in such a way that reaches into the souls of others. I'm printing out your writings. Come back:)

Posts: 33
Joined: Jan 2003

Thank you very much for your kind words bdlj20.

Aloha nui,

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awesome description of what "it" is like...
keep writing for yourself and the rest of us!
best wishes,

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