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hi, thank you so much for responding to my concerns about my husbands prostrate surgery and the PSA levels. I guess I worded it wrong as the Doctor said that the prostrate itself was 85% full of cancer. But yet now there is still cancer cells floating somewhere. He will have a consultation on the l7th of march to see about having the radiation treatments. Hopefully it has not left the pelvic area. His father had prostrate cancer and it went into the bones and that is what he is afraid of. I will let you know what we find out when we go for his consultation.

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OK!!! 85 "of the prostate" is a better diagnosis. Let's hope there is nothing outside of the prostate.

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Hi. This is my first time replying or really reading the discussions. I'v ealready gone through the radiation therapies (the regular and the intense), and the lupron shots (2 three-month doses) and still can't believe what the doctors are telling me: Shortly before Christmas they told me that I was 95% cured. No more treatments, no more shots. Just an occasional check-up. I'm still in disbelief. Question though: How long does the Lupron hang in there? My last shot was in November and I still have the hot-flashes and the fatigue to a degree. Would appreciate any feedback. JB

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