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Non-small cell cancer

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I just learned in the recent few months that my grandfather is dying of non-small cell cancer in his lungs. It has spread to the lymph nodes, and the doctor is giving him no more than 5 months to live from this date. I would like to listen to Christians who have experienced something like this with someone that they love or know well to receive a Biblical perspective on the matter and a little support from people who have been there. Please feel free to share your experience and knowledge with me.

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Hello, Amy.

I've been through something similar with my mother. She had breast cancer in 1972 and 1990, having a mastectomy both times. After the first surgery, she had radiation for six weeks. After the second, she took tamoxifen (sp?). She conquered the disease the first time and seemed to be doing well the second. But about six months after her last surgery, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given about six months to live. I guess there wasn't much to be done in 1991 in the way of treatment for her cancer. Hearing that she had terminal cancer was quite a blow to all of us, especially me. I'm the youngest of five children, and I guess I can honestly say that my mom spoiled me rotten. She was my "running budy" and one of my best friends.

During the time that she had left, she spent time with people she cared about the most, and she made the most of each moment. We laughed together, cried together, and I helped take care of her when she couldn't take care of herself. My mom was a very religious person, and she was not afraid of dying because she knew Whom she'd see in the next life.

Even though we all expected her death, it really came as a blow. It was eleven years ago this past February 4 that Mom went Home to be with the Lord, and I still miss her. But I know that I will see her again someday.

I don't know if what I've shared with you will help you deal with your situation, but I would suggest that you spend as much time with your grandfather as you possibly can. Be sure to tell him how much you love him and how much he means to you. Listen to whatever he wants to talk about, even if he wants to talk about his dying.

You and your grandfather will be in my prayers.

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Dear Amy, My father was recently diagnosed with the same thing. He raised me as a christian.. but than he faded away from the church over legalities... I am 46 and have continued to grow in my faith. God is so great to me and I see His loving hand in all that happens to me. I had been praying that God would work in my family to reconnect other back to Him. My dad came from Tennessee to visit me in California over Christmas. The visit was supposed to last 10 days-instead it lasted 2 months-because my dad took ill. At first he was hospitalized with pneumonia.. until about 8 weeks later they found the lung cancer. During that time.. my dad really reconnected with the Lord.. it has helped him tremendously. I can see the difference that my dad "being in the light" has made. I know God didn't cause my dads cancer, but He sure is making some good come of it all. My dad and I got so close during these last two months.. he has gone back to Tennessee now and I miss him terribly. I do look forward to spending eternal life with God and my daddy. My mother died in 1979, also of lung cancer. I had just graduated from college and was living at home with her, taking care of her. It seemed at the time to be a difficult and sad time in my life, but now I look back on those days and remember all the quiet times I spent caring for her... and they were the best. I also talked about spiritual matters with her all the time... God has really worked in all this. You are very smart to be led in this direction at this time. God bless you, Terri

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My husband is on Hospice after a 6 year battle with colon cancer. My first reaction to what you wrote was that the dr. doesn't know how long your grandfather has. He can guess, but only God knows. I would highly recommend the book When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold S. Kushner. We found this helpful early on even though the author is Jewish. We also did not think that this was some kind of punishment. Our faith tells us that this is just another step along our journey. We don't know why my husband and I will not grow old together, but we do believe that there is a reason. My husband's faith tells him that he will be going home to God's loving embrace. That doesn't mean that I won't be devastated by his death, but it will help. We have also been embraced by our loving church family, our family and friends. They have supported us and prayed for us throughout the 6 years. Today I pray for strength and peace for all those touched by cancer. That includes you. Each of us must find our own path to God. I wish you God's love. Fay

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