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Parotid Gland-Acinic cell cancer

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I was diagnosed with acinic cell carcinoma of the parotid gland, 7/99. It was removed surgically, but reoccurred 10/00. At that time I had 6 wks of radiation after they took out my parotid gland and the lymphs on the neck. I had learned about a drug that protected the healthy cells from damage by radiation at my local support group. Amifostine. I had a pic line inserted, and had an injection of amifostine before each radiation treatment.(http://www.pslgroup.com/dg/141646.htm) This has a article that sites studies done by Duke Univ. I have full salivary production, no dry mouth. My ENT had never heard of this before I brought it to his attention, but has been surprised by my recovery. The radiologist tried to discourage me from having it, by citing nausea as a chief side-effect. I only had one day of nausea I did have some mouth sores during treatment, but used "magic mouthwash". I have no regrets to my decision to have radiation, with amifostine. It took a bit of research, I had to present this to my HMO-they had never given it for radiation, it was given for Chemotherapy patients only. The injection has to be given within 30 min. of the radiation treatment. I had to have my injection at my HMO, then drive to the radiologists that the HMO had contracted with, but everyone was very cooperative. If I can help you with any further information contact me at; oraruppel@aol.com

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My surgery was 2/13/09, please read my history that I wrote on my profile....did your cancer return on the same side? I had no radiation for this, and am sched for PET scan in Aug 2009 to see if there's anything else out there....pls email me back....

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I had an acini cell tumor deep in the parotid gland. Lost the parotid gland, mastoid, and my
facial nerve. They got clear margins all around. I have had some issues with the loss of my
facial nerve. I did not have any radiation or cemo. Doctors at UC Davis did not think
that radiation or cemo are very effective against this type of cancer as it is so slow growing
They told me the bad news is it can come back, but the good news is it may take 10 years.
I have had no ill effects, except for the adjustment for the loss of the facial nerve.
I look like I have Bell's palsy. I hope you keep positive the work CANCER is a scare
in itself.

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