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Am I alone?

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I lost my mother 21 years ago this year, but it still feels like yesterday. I realize that this may not be the right forum to ask this question, but will I ever stop being frightened of dying of cancer? I have had my own scare when they found a lump in my breast that turned out to be begnign and something they said I shouldn't worry about. My mother was so young (34) when she left us and I just turned 34 this year and am really scared that I will leave my family behind too. Will this feeling ever pass?

Posts: 2
Joined: Feb 2003

You're never alone. I lost my mother last year, and I'm 19. It seems as though you were young, too. Logically, some cancers are not hereditary. Emotionally, I think that whatever happens you will be able to handle. The universe never lets you hold more than you can carry. Since you did lose your mom so early, though, that fear may be associated with something implanted in the mind of a little girl watching her mom die from cancer. Your mother's fate is not yours. The best thing you can do is live your life and enjoy what you have. Live from joy, not from fear. Allow yourself to be scared, but don't let that take over. It's not worth it. Much love.

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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 47... She had just passed the 5 year mark when they found cancer in her lungs.. than she died from that.. That was 23 years ago, I was 23. Now I am 46. I have regular mammograms and had one today as a matter of fact. I've often thought that one of my older sisters or I might get this breast cancer. It comforts me that my sisters haven't. (50 and 52) My mom smoked and I don't. I do what I can to cut my risk factors. Regular mammograms, excersise, ect. The rest I put in the Lords hands. I also focus on the fact that there are advances being made in cancer treatments everyday. I think of how the astronauts in the space shuttle that didn't make it home did not have cancer... I really believe that we have nothing to fear and that when our time comes we'll be in peace. In the meantime enjoy the blessings of your life. That is what your mom wants for you. God bless you. Terri

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