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Spermatic Cord Sarcoma

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I was diagnosed two weeks ago with Spematic Cord Sarcoma. Went in for hernia repair surgery and came out with one testicle removed along with a tumor. I am told that this is extremely RARE and studies are few and far between. Anyone with any knowledge on this cancer? All help will be gratefully appreciated! Thanks......Ron

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my father had a spermatic cord tumor removed in march 02, he went for radiation 40 treatments. he didnt want any surgeries. then in july 03 he had a recourence, sept 03 he had a 7 cm tumor removed around pelvic area. surgery did not remove all cells. no clear margins. when he went home he started to develop water in his leg. wound never really healed. got an infection from the mesh. he was hospitilized in nov because of the pain and infection ran some test and he had lung mets 3 cm. he started on chemo because they couldnt wait. so now he has stage 4 high grade. its call schawnoma sarcoma think spelling is off. he is on his second round of chemo.

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my husband was diagnosed with this recently and wondered if anyone else has this diagnosis and would like to discuss treatment, etc.

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My husband was diagnosed with the same thing in May of 07. He went into surgery with what we thought was a hernia. After the removal of his testicle and cord, he later went to USC Norris cancer center and had the removal of his lymph glands in his stomach. No tumors were found in the lymphs, thank God. He is on his 3 year cancer free and goes in every six months for scans, blood work and chest x rays. I pray that it will Never come back!

It is a very scary time for the both of you. My husband has always had a very positive attitude dealing with this. My prayers are with you...

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I'm late to the party, but I'm recently back from Memorial-Sloan Kettering for exactly this.  Like others, I went in for a Hernia, and in recovery was told, "this ain't a hernia."  I'm told I was fortunate that my abdominal surgeon knew enough to saty away, and just do a small biopsy.  I read some academic papers on it (I'm that type) and they say there are as few as 200 reported cases.  EVER.  ANYWHERE.  Because of the rarity my local oncologist said avoid the regional surgeons and go to either Sloan Kettering or Dana-Farber.  Best advice a doctor ever gave me.  But luckily(?) this has a 5-year survival rate of 100%, and while it can recur, it doesn't seem as aggressive as other Liposarcomas (touch wood).  Other than the surgery, the other important practice is L-O-N-G vigilance; 10 or more years.

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