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Despite representations to the contrary, the effects of Lupron (4 months)are permanent -- impotence, weakness, shrinkage of testicles and penis, etc. Expect partial recovery at best from these side effects. Avoid Lupron if at all possible. More info to anyone interested.

michael j.
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I am interested in what you have to say about Lupron. My prostrate cancer is so far gone that I am going to be on Lupron for life. The cancer is also in my pelvic bone and lower back. Please, e mail me your opinion. Would be appricated. Thank you. vanfancuclo@mchsi.com

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MJ... Lupron for life!!! Yuk! I would certainly inquire whether this was an auxillary or precautionary measure, or absolutely essential.I would avoid Lupron unless it was deemed absolutely essential. As you know Lupron slows cell growth, including,of course,cancer cells (which grow more rapidly than normal cells).I don't know how old you are, or how long you expect to live. I am 68, and if I had to do it all over again, I would chose 5 good years over 10 bad years. The Lupron will leave you weak, impotent, etc., physically, AND lacking in energy, drive, competiveness, etc. psychologically. As you know, Lupron kills off your testosterone; that's what it is supposed to do. Muscles will grow flabby, baby fat will accumulate, even **** will start to grow. (Sorry, but I'm being frank.) So just consider the price when you make your decision. ...CoachTom

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I was just diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and it is in the lymph glands and in the bone in the neck,spine and pelvic area. They put me on Casadex which I take once a day and they have given me a shot of Lupron. I go back July 3rd to see if it is working. Has it worked for you? I am 65 years old.

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First of all, since this is an old post,I hope you get to see this one! Secondly,given the choice I DON'T believe coachtom WOULD sacrifice 5 yrs of his life!!But with that said, if your prostate cancer is of such a stage to require Lupron treatments, GO FOR IT! Iknow of several patients that have been on it for a long time & are doing well! Be aware however that Lupron simple arrests the beast & will not kill it.

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