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No energy. How do I go on?

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My husband died of cancer January 18, 2003. My only child, 26 years old, son has leukemia. I am 47 with colon cancer. I had sugery last March with follow-up chemo therapy. I was coping pretty well until the death of my only support, my husband. He was diagnosed just a couple of months ago with prostate cancer but it had not spread and the doctor said he would be cured with radiation. He was to begin radiation on Jan 28, 2003. He died Jan 18, 2003 of another form of cancer that went undetected. He had gone in to the doctors several times over the past several years complaining of chest pain and difficultly breathing. They kept telling us it was nerve pain and now he is gone. I am ill and alone. When he died I lost all of our income. What am I going to do now? All suggestions are welcome. Please help me if you can.

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Patricia, dont despair. there are people in your life that im sure love you and want to help support you. And perhaps your doctor can set you up with a local support group. Dont let the depression set in. if you are religious, go to your organization for support. Find other groups on the internet. having people to talk to is key. As far as income, perhaps there are societies or health groups or even the government that can help you. keep us updated.

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