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Newly Diagnosed Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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My name is Tom, I'm 50 yrs old, and was just diagnosed with HCC, Stage II. I think I'll be going before the transplant team next week to see if I qualify. Right now I'm confused, and don't know what to expect. I'm willing to do whatever I have to, but at the same time I'm honestly not afraid of dying. My oncologist spoke with me about partial hepatectomy, but siad he doubted the remaining lobe would be able to carry the load. He spoke of transplant, but then had some reasons that may preclude me from that option as well. He insists that surgery is the treatment of choice in my case, and is going to try to get me on the transplant list, but it all left me confused. I've done some research, and I know that short of a transplant, there isn't much hope for more than three to five years. All the other approaches seem to be basically palliative. I guess I'm just reaching out for someone to talk to who has been through this. If there's anyone out there willing to just talk, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

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Hi Tom, this must be a very scary time for you. I hope that you have begun to get some more concrete options from your physicians. I was diagnosed in Sept '01 with bile duct cancer. Chemo/radiation/transplant were not options for me. My only possibilty was a lobectomy (removal of half of my liver) and resection of some intestine to create a new bile duct. great faith and outstanding surgeon have given me nearly 18 months and I feel very fortunate. All tests have been negative and although the thought of the cancer returning is never really far from my mind, I just appreciate every day. I am a nurse and I always figure my being here allows me to take care of others. Keep strong and feel free to write back to me or visit my CSN website
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Hi. I'm a newly diagnosed primary liver cancer. In Dec 2002 I had a liver resection done 30% removed with clean margins and neg lymph nodes. I am pleased to have some one who can identify with me because of the rarity of this diagnosis. I 'm awaiting the results of my ct this week. How ironic it is that you're also a nurse. I too, try to use my diagnosis and my hospital experience to make it a little easier while preparing patients for surgery. It helps to know you're not alone, with the many feelings that come along with a cancer diagnosis.

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I'm a 38 year old female that has just been diagnosed with Primary Liver Cancer and needless to say I am petrified. If u could share u'r experiences regarding the liver resection and the aftermath of the surgery. I would greatly appreciate it. My case is somewhat more complicated because I have an aggravated Gall Bladder w/ stones that is stopping me from eating all that I need to maintain a healthy weight. As I've only been diagnosed 2 days I am very worried about my general state of health before I even begin treatment.

Thank You

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i am 46 and female, was diagnosed in july '03 with some sort of lesion on my liver. it was not confirmed to be cancer until two weeks after the liver resection. i had a second resection in december and am doing very well. the surgery is not fun. the recovery is not too bad. i am trying to take it easy and am finding that to be hard to do. i hope you are doing well.

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I just read your comments and wondered what treatment you have been getting. I just got diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, and will be treated with radiation and chemotherapy. Hope to hear from you

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tom... it has been a while since your post and I am hoping to get a follow up to your treatment--- did you have your transplant? did they do an ablation? chemo? ..... and how are you doing emotionally? thanks for the update.... I am a 66 year ofld female in a similar situation -- with a primary liver tumor which was abalted using microwaves... and am facing the decsions of transplant if I qualify...... thanks....K

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