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bone/foot pain

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After a lumpectomy, radiation treatment and chemo, I have been on Tamoxifen since May 30 of 2002. Recently I've been experiencing a great deal of pain on the top of each foot. Could this be a side effect of Tamoxifen?

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I was on tamoxifen for nearly a year... I was having terrible pains in my feet, legs and back and my dr switched me to Amirdex (sp?) just recently, so far so good. I did a test myself, stopped taking tamoxifen to see if pain stopped... it did... when I took it again the pain returned... I did this three times to be sure. I hope this helps, take care.

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I think just about anything can be a side effect from tamoxifen from what I've heard on this site. Recommend checking with your doctor, he will probably try different drug like Arimidex, especially if post meno-pausal. Good luck. hummingbyrd

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Arimedex may not be the answer. I am on it as I had a pulmonary embolus after mastectomy. Tamoxifen has a larger risk factor for clots. Since I am on arimidex, I have terrible joint pains in hands, ankles, knees and neck. Nothing relieves the stiffness and pain but I am getting used to it. Certain things like writing, opening jars, turning handles are hard to do. So I minimize these chores. Thank god, typing is no problem!

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I had foot pain in the arches of my feet, and since I've been off the tamoxifen, it's not been a problem.

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