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Financial help?

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Where can a person find financial assistance? I know that I'm not the only one who is suddenly on Social Security Disability with much less income while I have greater expenses due to medical co-pays and Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, pharmaceutical drugs, etc. I seem to make just SLIGHTLY too much to qualify for any government programs. Is there any program that allows patients to share homes and/or apartments in order to save money on expenses?

Thanks for any assistance that anyone can provide.

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I do not know of any assistance with the living expenses as you hoped for, but I have seen brochures in my doctor's office which offer a chance to get the drugs at extremely low amounts and even for free based on requests from your doctor. I personally had the honor of receiving this assistance when I was on chemo,(the second time, years later when I was not insured at all) but did not know the solititation process until later. I too, had no way to cover the costs of these life saving treatments and had resolved myself to wait for God's Will to prevail. It did, in the availability of these drugs. I was told the drug companies make money from the insurance companies so in an act of good will,they allow certain patients access to the drugs allotted which would be otherwise unaffordable. Just an avenue, to pursue> good luck.Debbie

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Hi hummingbyrd here, don't know if this helps but here goes......
How old are you? Were you working at time of diagnosis? If so did co have a disability policy? Mine did and told me they didn't, found out 18 mo later! Also had policy that continued to pay my life insurance. As for splitting expenses have you thought about running an ad for a roomie? You could schedule interviews, do background checks, etc....just a thought. Well, good luck to you whatever you decide and God bless. hummb

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One could apply to the Canadian Cancer Society and they maybe able to fund you with a grant or something

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Did you ever receive any financial help?

I'm in the same situation and would like to talk to you.

Take care,

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