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Not sure of symptoms??? Please Help!!!

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Ladies, let me first say what an amazing supportive group you all are!!! Does this woman's heart good to know there are
other women willing to help others and share their experiences.
Now about me, please don't think I have lost my mind...even if I have..haha.
I am one year clear of cervical cancer, but in that year I have developed a hard, really HOT mass
under my breast, this has happened several times over the past year. It starts out small so that I barely
notice it but when it becomes hot and painfull, I can't help but notice. It then swells to enormous poportions and then comes to a head.
It eventually pops and I have a puss like substance come out and then blood. When I get one I feel like heck health wise. And even after it's gone I stay fatigued.
Does anyone else have this symptom or after another cancer scare am I just reading too much into this??? And I apologize for such graphics!! Oh and once they have popped
and healed it does leave an orange skin like apperance.
Thank you for any and all reply's!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Melissa, My name is Patty.I have had bothe right and letf breast removed. I did have very itchy skin on both breast. Please see a specilist asap for your own piece of mind. good luck

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Hi Melissa. I remember those types of lumps but mine began with aspirations from the doctor. Then one year the same type of lump came and dissapated just like yours, leaving a little orangish/blue skin discoloration much like a bad pimple. Although I did not have an outward 'oozing of substance', I was quite concerned with how they were coming and leaving in the left breast.
In October 2001, it came again but never left the 'getting-larger' state; Finally after several months of wait and see, a sugical biopsy revealed a 'malignant' tumor. Now almost a year later....that tumor took me through chemo in June 2002, Surgery in September 2002 (radical), and Radiation in October 2002 (finished in Dec. 2002). Face the music Melissa we are chosen 'special people' every since the 'first diagnosis' and must not be hesitant to seek out and approach with an 'early detection' attitude. Let me know if I can help.
Peace always, Faith777

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Hey Melissa. I was diagnosed with IBC in December 2002. The tumors started out hard, large. My breast itched, was swollen, red and hot to touch. I was sent for Chemotherapy. I shrunk the tumors. I was scheduled for a lumpectomy and another tumor appeared. Large as the first. So, I had a modified radical mastectomy 2 weeks ago. In 2 weeks I will start chemo again. Since IBC is very aggressive go see a specialist quickly. The pathology report stated 3 tumors that spread to 11 lymph nodes. This was after the chemo had stopped just 3 weeks. Good Luck and God Bless You. Marie

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Hi, there. I have ibc and have had dose intense chemo, a modified radical mastectomy, and radiation, which I finished less than 2 weeks ago. Here's my advise: go today and have this checked out by a good oncologist at a teaching hospital. I was misdiagnosed at a lesser hospital first, but fortunately was redirected by a family member to go to a more well-respected institution, found out the bad news, but got good treatment. Don't wait. If it's nothing, they'll be happy to tell you and you can breathe easier. If it's something, you will need good care. Take care and let me know if there is anything I can do.

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Mel, I have had IBC since Feb. of 2003. Iam now on my 10th chemo cocktail, and am looking forward to my 3rd roung of radiation. Allthe times that I have gone through the thing, the cancer has kept growing. What I am trying to say is DO NOT WAIT A MINUTE LONGER. IBC is amean and ugly cancer and not very nice to boot. Good luck and best wishes. Terri

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