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vacine for non-small cell lung cancer

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I was reading my news and see that they are having clinical trials or studies using the tumors as a defense to stop the cancer. They have had some success. Anyone else see this? They are doing this in Califoria and at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington.

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Hello Michaelcie:
I've recently also seen something on vacines for cancer. Looks real interesting and promising, from what I read, they take the tumor cells and make a vacine which is suppose to activate the bodies imune system to recognize and fight the cancer cells. There doing it with quite a few cancers, it works best with slower growing types and is quite expensive right now. There is an in depth article that I read awhile ago in the Dec.2002 issue of Cure magazine. If you are unaware ,Cure magazine is free to cancer survivors. web address is www.curetoday.com; Don't really know how you would get into a trial;
be well & God Bless
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The National Cancer Inst. in MD is doing a phase 2 study of a vaccine. 35 people to be tested at this time. I called for myself but since at this time I have no visible tumor they say there is nothing to measure. Once this phase is over there will be phase 3 which will take over 300 people.

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Hello michaelcie, thank you for your response. My dad is on a drug called lobtar. He has been on it about a month. He just started being sick to his stomach in the last couple of days. Could this be from his liver or the meds? I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. I will pray for you each and everyday.

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