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Hi,I am really feeling a lot of stress as I help my husband. I was wondering if anyone has any special suggestions as to how to control stress while all this is going on. Thank you. swantia

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Dear Swantia,
There are some things I can't do anything about. I try to leave them alone and pray they get better.
There are some things I can do something about, and I try to do them as well as I can.
I've been doing a lot of yardwork. I also go for walks and bike rides.
I like to rent comedies.

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I too am very stressed. I am helping my mom, taking her back and forth into NYC so she can get the best treatment. Its a stress since i just started a job 6 mos ago..and one that i already hated to begin with. Im coping in the wrong ways also. but i think this site could be helpful. If you can find the time, maybe exercise and doing relaxful types of things could help in easing stress. or Buy a punching bag? lol.

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I stayed with my 88 yr old mom for eight months while she underwent radiation for throat cancer & two throat procedures. I found that I had to force myself to exercise in order to have energy for myself. Deciding that I could only do my best and that my best might vary from day to day helped as well as accepting that there were some things I couldn't do anything about. I found that I had to really be my mom's advocate regarding her treatment. Once I accepted that role, I felt much better. Gardening and cooking new recipes also helped.

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