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Mom's tests

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Hello dear sisters,
Went to the onc Friday with Mom. Stage II and has to have chemo and radiation. She'll have 4 rounds of that wonderful A/C cocktail and then 4 rounds of Taxotere (?) I don't know about the second one because I only had the A/C. Then radiation. She starts in two weeks. Onc said she get shots for five days following each chemo. Any ideas why? I don't know the name of the med...it started with an "N". Monday is my scan and I am praying for negative results...now that's profound, isn't it? LOL Hope you all are well. My prayers are with you all. You are a wonderful extended family. Thanks for your happy spirits! I'll keep you all posteds. Just remember Who's in control! It's not the doctors, the cancer, or us... PTL
Love, Jayne

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your mom, I can see from your posts you are very possitive and believe in the Lord, this will help you and your mom get through all of the coming month.
I too had to take shots 5 days a week,sometimes longer, received chemo twice a month. "NEUPOGEN" shots to get my white count up. Maybe that is what your mom will be getting.? There is some bone pain with these shots, I had mostly a backache. Not to bad though. I hope this helps. I wish you and you mom the best and will keep you in my prayers.
God bless you. Love Emmi

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Isaiah, my prayers are with you and your mom. I took taxol after my AC, I think its a similar drug. If it is hopefully it won't have any serious side effects, thankfully it didn't pack near the punch as AC did, for me anyway.
The Neupogen was a horse of a different color! For me it was painfull, to the point I refused it after the 3rd injection. The thing about these drugs is they all have a different effect on different people. Go figure. Anyway, surely your tests will be fine, you've got plenty to deal with taking care of your mom! God bless ya girl, no matter what I know your faith and God's strength will see you through all of this! Keep us posted please. hummb

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Dear Jayne,
I finally succeeded in emailing you before checking the posts. I am so happy to hear you sounding so positive. You are so very right about who is in controll..... We know it is the Lord!!! I was thinking about you today, and I figured out how to respond to emails on this site.... Just don't change the original title... encouragement.
Jayne you know my heart and prayers are with you. I also know that the Lord and a host of Angels are with both you and your Mom. Be Blessed and walk in the Light of the Lord.
Gods Love & Peace
Love Cathy

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