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I seem to have a bout of depression especially when I'm alone and the family is out.I would go out but I'm worried about my memory as I get out and think that I haven't locked up the house.
any suggestions

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adgie: not sure what kind of b.t. you have...I have a small amount of short term memory loss. I just have to get a program down where before I leave, I go through a "check-list" and then hope for the best. - mary

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I finally had to give in to my depression and ask for help. I was finally given an anti depressant and it has seemed to help alot. Not only was I depressed I also had to fight alot of nasty anger mood swings. It got so bad my husband was considering leaving me and taking my daughter. I had to admit I just couldn't do it by myself anymore, and that I needed help. I am on a low dose of Celexa. I'll be happy to answer anymore questions.

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