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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hi everyone! Can we stop talking about death and think about living? Yes, I know it's something to think about and that it'll happen sooner or later but better later. Now let's get on with each new day so we can be ready when God calls us to Him. Let's think about this day, Valentine's Day. I wish all of you lots of love, a long life to live and love and may you always be loved. Always. In this world and in the next. Hugs, Marie

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Hey Marie,
I'm with ya lady. While 'death' is inevitable it is actually an oxymoron...
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Phillipians 1:21
Meaning as Christians we are to live each day to its fullest, to be a blessing to someone and to glorify the Son of God, it's what gives our life meaning and purpose. On the other hand, to die is a promotion to a higher level of life. It is being in the presence of Christ and in perfect fellowship with Him. No more worries, no more fears, no more pain, no more tears!
So...to live unto Christ is to die, to die unto Christ is to live. Amazing isn't it, the circle is complete!
Therefore, by the grace of God, every morning I wake up I say, "Thank you Lord for another beautiful day. What can I do today to be a blessing to someone and to bring You honor and glory?"
Happy Valentine's Day everyone, may you all be blessed with love and joy. Marie in honor of you, 'let us rejoice for this is a day that the Lord hath made' so LIVE it to its fullest potential!
God bless. hummingbyrd

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OK I just want to enjoy this beautiful day of LOVE with everyone... and Yes noBOdy gets out of this world alive, but lets love everyday while we're here OK.. HUgs to all!! and I my wish for everyone is LOTS OF CHOCOLATE@!! YIPPPEEE

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