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Death and dying....a hot topic!

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I can say without a doubt I'm going to heaven when I die, and I have no fear in regards to dying. Made out my will Oct of 2000 and planned out my funeral Nov 2000. What I want to wear, songs to be played and final statement to friends and family. Ex always said I had to have last word. LOL
Told my boys back in 2001, "If and when I die do not be angry at God." 12 year old said, "Mom, it's not IF, it's when, cause we are all going to die." I said, OK you're right, so IF I go before you try not to be too sad! LOL
My diagnosis has been a blessing. It awakened me to the fact that today may be, and always could have been, the last day of my life. True for everybody, with or without 'the diagnosis', it's just most people don't think about it.
Now that we've been slapped in the face with the reality that we were born to die we can LIVE! Each and everyday to its fullest.
Do you know for certain where you are going after you die?
If you have any doubt dust off the Bible ladies, that Book hasn't been around for 2003 years for nothing. Any question you have can be answered with Scripture...I tell you this because I care.
More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell is a great book to read. The author set out to disprove Christ as the Messiah. Guess who is a Christian now?
If you're going to talk about death and dying you gotta be able to mention heaven and hell. That's what's on the other side of the grave.
If you know Christ as your Savior this won't offend you.
I pray none have been offended. God bless. hummb

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony;
and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Revelation 12:11

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AMEN TO THAT HUMMB!!!!! You are truly a blessing and I am glad you found us.
God Bless

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Hi Maggs:

So good to hear that our sharing about death and dying was helpful for you. That's what we're all about here.

I too found the discussion interesting. Some of the ladies here are highly religious in the Christian fashion (as evidenced by frequent biblical quotes, open prayers to Jesus, with amens and hallelujah's). I believe that whatever gets one through life's greatest challenges is a good thing for them as long as we remember that there is no one single philosphy which we all embrace and therefore, maintain sensitivity for everyone here, regardless of religious persuasion.

Strength is found is many beautiful places and we're all forutnate when we come together here to share, find strength and give strength, just as we are, without any prerequisites based on color, creed, national origin, religious/political affiliations, sexual orientations, etc.. Just us bc survivors, living, laughing, crying, caring, sharing and supporting one another.

Geral: Good for you in becoming an organ donor. Was that before your cancer? I'm wondering if that program carries any of the restrictions that
donating blood carries? (Once you've had chemo, you're no longer able to donate blood. If one has radiation only, then one can resume donating after five years have passed. This according to the Medical Director's office of the Red Cross)

About free Last Will & Testament: You can draw up your own but must have two witnesses sign it and it must be notarized. That standard is accepted in most states, but check with the Clerk of Court in your own state to find out if there are any additional requirements when making your own Will. There are also some good books available to help you make your own will, which explain some of the commonly used terms such as "devisee", etc.. Hope that helps.

Hope everyone is staying well!

Love, light and laughter,

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Hi Ink!

Thanx for suggestions on resources on writing your own will and for the info on blood donation. I wasn't aware of the chemo/radiation restrictions. Good to know.

I did 'opt' for organ donation before cancer. After my diagnosis of bc, I spoke with a guy who worked for an organ sharing program. He said that I could still become an organ donor even tho I have bc. He did mention a couple of health status exceptions in becoming a donor, but I don't remember them. Anyway, I'm still leaning toward donating my body to science. I still haven't heard from the anatomical society about the details.

I'm not planning on 'going anywhere' anytime soon, but I'd like to take care of what I can now. It would make things easier on my family when the time comes and make me feel better now knowing that. One of the big issues about cancer is the feeling of not being in control. These are a couple of things I can control.

I hope you too are feeling well!

Take care,

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I was told that with chemo, you can't be a blood and organ donor!

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