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Thanks for Sharing

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Ink, Iris, Cathy: The replies under Hey There Ladies! were so thoughtful and honest on a subject so many fear that I printed them out! It is a good topic for dialogue and I feel more confident knowing that others think about the same issues I do. When I first got breast cancer, I immediately knew that I had relationships to repair, and I did make attempts to do so. And I try to live each day one at a time, meaningfully, like you all have confirmed that you do. I'm glad that we can support each other with thoughts on death and dying, because it is an experience we will all have...I find strength in the fact that we can talk about it freely and openly...THANKS for your responses, and perhaps we can keep the dialogue open. Cathy, I'm glad you managed to connect with the computer long enough to give us your thoughts and feelings...I like the angel stories and feel comforted with the thought that we are each here for a purpose and that our deaths will be guided by a Creator to Whom we really matter.

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Maggs, I couldn't have put it any other way, because I live it daily.... You are very welcome, and it was nice {more than that!} to share with you guys..... To me religion and Christianity do not run hand in hand...Although the beliefs are the same....My church is not organized and governed by rituals and rules that have been going on since the inquisition....... I am Lucky indeed and like Hummingbyrd said I will join with Angels around the Throne and we will sing Holy is the Lord.... That is part of one of my favorite songs....It is so beutifull! I am just feeling a whole lot better and by next Tuesday I will be able to have more time on the computer with all of you whom I consider my Sisters!!!!!!
Gods Love & Peace
Love Cathy

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