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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.


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My son was diagnosed at 2 with ALL in 1978. He is 27 years old now and I am facing some strange survivor behavor that I think is from the chemo and cranial radiation. Is there anyone who has similar problems that I could talk with?

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Yes there are many people who have many forms of late effects of chemo and/or radiation. There's a wonderful book by Wende Hobbe maybe titled "Surving Childhood Cancers". Many of these effects are more common from treatments done on children while their bodies and brains are developing My son underwent intensive chemo at age 7 , 7 years ago for AML. Thank God he is cured but suffers many physical and psychological effects that we deal with every day. We were poorly educated by the medical community about these potential problems. A terrible temper with foul language and potential violent behavior are his most dangerous problems. He also has memory problems ,learning difficulties ( formerly a very bright student),Migraines, epilepsy to name a few. But he is alive and is slowly improving with help from us and some caring docs. Stay educated and be a supportive activist for your son . Sometime we find it hard to understand our son's strange behavior but then try to remember that he at age 7 stared death eye to eye and never asked for what has happened to him.
Feel fre to e-mail me here.


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Hello Karen,

I was 3 when I was diagnosed with ALL in 1976.
I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you or your son have.
I also had a mix of chemo and radiation treatments.

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Hi All,
I was 2 1/2 when diagnosed with ALL in 1982. For the last few years I have had a lot of trouble dealing with hospitals and anything relating to cancer. I tend to pass out when giving blood and cry hystically. I tried to read a pamphlet on chilhood cancer yesterday and almost blacked out. I really want to get through this. Any advice on therapy or things that have helped you? Thank you!!

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