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hats off to the survivors of cancer

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I am a new participant in this discussion group and I want to say how comforting it has been to read about your strength and determination in going through the treatments. My husband was recently diagnosed with a cancer of the nasopharynx stage 3 and it completly blew us both away. Since I have been on the site I have acquired alot of information from you, the survivors and caregivers . I can not thank you enough for your input and I feel that there are people out there who will be there for me and my husband should the need arise. I had some questions about the tube that he will have put in next Tuesday, but from what I read, it reassures me that he should have it done and in the long run it will help maintain his weight through tube feedings. thanks again for all your support. I in turn will hopefully become a listener for someone to confide in when all this is over. Thanks a million. I'm less stressed and sleeping better.

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