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First line therapy for advanced colon cancer

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Which is the better first line therapy for advanced colon cancer? CPT-11, 5FU & Leucovorin or Oxaliplatin and Xeloda?

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I had stage 3 cancer with 8 positive polyps. Highly recommend the 5FU. It is mean stuff and makes you sicker than an ugly dog but I am alive and clear right now.

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How long ago did you complete the 5fu? After you were "done" how did you deal with the uncertainty? Did you have good and not so good days? I finished with the chemo (5FU, CPT-11 and Iritinocan (sp?)) in November and have been reading more about Stage III CRC. Fear of a recurrence has become a worry. . .

Thanks. You can email me at NovatoCABruce@cs.com

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I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in Feb. 2003 and started my treatments in March - 5 FU and Lucovorin. I am really sick - diarrhea and naseau - tell me what you did for this. The doctor has given me medicine but I think it is something I am going to go through. I have had 10 treatments with 14 to go. What Foods did you eat? I know I should eat more vegetables and fruits but they give me diarrhea. Thanks so much for any information you can give me.

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I had 5FU 24/7 for 9 months, supplemented by L something which I actually bought from the Farm Supply Store because it is sheep worming medicine!! My Oncologist said 5FU was 40+ years old but was the best. However, fortunately for me, that was 7 years ago. I was Stage III with 6 positive nodes. My worst side effect was the breakdown of skin on my hands which now is handled with B vitamins. I wonder how much difference the CONSTANT delivery of the chemo made? I have outlived my oncologist so I don't get to quiz him. Also, I would consider drinking lots of green tea and taking time-released vitamins.

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Well, my mom was first diagnosised in Sept 2000. after her resection, she had 6 months of the 5fu and L and was told she was clear. May 2002 she was dx with a recurrence. She is now on the Oxiplatin. the Oxi has done wonders... she isn't cured, but she is doing very very well. I hope and pray that something even better comes along to cure her and everyone else, but in the meantime.. I recommend the Oxi.
the best to you with whatever way you decide

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