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If you could design the perfect outdoor space for a cancer center what would you include?

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As well as being a family member of someone with cancer, I'm a graduate student studying the design of outdoor landscapes/gardens at cancer centers.

I wanted to ask others, if you had the ability to create an outdoor space at your treatment center where you might rest, recover, or just escape, what would you want that space to be? What features besides generally saying "a garden" might be comforting or somehow helpful? Why?

I appreciate any input anyone can provide.


Bill Speidel

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I would've liked a nice garden to sit in when I had my treatments, or at least look at. I would've liked some tropical plants, with nothing with too much scent--that would be bad when recooping from chemo--some ferns and flowers and such. With some kind of waterfall, or brook--water babbling softly around you. And some little nooks where you could sit and reflect and not have to be in a group of people. I also like Zen-type sand gardens, with nicely-raked patterns--nothing too moving though, that always made me a bit ill too.

Mostly, I like tropical gardens, like the ones you find at Hawaiian hotels--very peaceful and serene.

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Hello Bill. I do have ideas for you, what would make me feel good. My cancer came bck but this time I'm terminal. What i miss most are birds and color. I live in a desert state so there isn't much of either. What brings a smile to me are tress, colorful flowers and birds. They represent peace. To just be able to sit in a garden area, shut ones eyes is so nice. To be able to smell the wondrful fragrance of those flowers. That would be my choice.

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