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"TPF" chemo on advanced throat cancer???

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My father was recently diagnosed with a stage IV squamous cell tumor which originated in the larynx. The oncologist's recommended treatment was to start with 3 sessions of "TPF" (T=Taxotere, P=Platinum, F=FU5) chemo followed by double dose radiation and finally salvage surgery if any of the cancer persisted. The doctor gave me articles and case studies to reference to learn more about the treatment. The survival numbers seemed good, but were only in the 3rd year after treatment. The chances of experiencing a high level of toxicity (3 or 4) from the treatments seemed to be extremely high also. The oncologist told my father he would have to be in the hospital for the infusion at the beginning of each cycle of the treatment and there was a good shot he would have to stay in to recover from each chemo treatment for days afterward. It sounds like an extremely aggressive treatment that will have major side effects. Has anyone been through it and if so, please give me some insight into it if you care to share. Thanks.

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