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too long

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I have been doing this now for 6 years and I am running out of steam. Am very tired of fighting and my family doesn't understand this at all. I am suppose to keep going and doing it all. I don't think I can much longer. Thanks Judy

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Judy, I understand to some degree your frustruation. Family response is what I and many have felt (right or wrong); they possibly don't want you to give up the fight by offering what they may consider crutches giving us an out to continuing.

Sounds dumb but I found my family giving me the necessary support when needed and a kick in the butt the rest of the time.Remember, they too are trying to cope and may not know how?

They were / are frightened as much as I was originally and, like most people --- if you don't acknowledge it (ignore), it just may go away, which, we know isn't reality.

Keep plugging. Like all marathon races you go through all terrain, weather and obstacles. Like life, the race can be just as rewarding beating it at every turn.

I try to make every obstacle into a game and play to win each point (problem, obstacle). No hero, just as tired and frightened as the next.
God bless,
Joe Nutter

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Your family must love you very much. However, they need to understand that you cant take it anymore. I think you should just try to have a good time. Don't give up yet..im sure you understand. God Bless, jessica

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