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My Dad just found out he had esophageal cancer

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The last 9 months for my dad have been awful. In May of 2002 he found out he had an advanced stage of prostate cancer. In November he found out he had heart problems, and just last Wednesday he found out he had esophageal cancer. I can't believe it. I had never even heard of it. The only symptoms he may have had was persistent indigestion and heartburn(which he has had for many years, but never thought anything of it). He also noticed blood in his stools. Come to find out, he was very anemic and had to have a blood transfusion. The gastrologist found a golfball sized tumor in the lower part of his esophagus-right at his stomach. It had been slowing oozing blood. They did a ct scan on him yesterday and said it was also in his liver. I'm so scared. I feel like he is doomed. What could they possibly do for him. They're talking about removing the tumor at the esophagus and stomach, but what about the liver. I've read there is nothing you can do for cancer in the liver. He's 75 years old and I can't imagine him going thru chemo. To look at him now, you'de never know anything is wrong with him. He eats normally, weighs normally, and is still fairly active. I can't believe he's eat up with cancer. Has anyone else out there had this type of cancer to spread to the liver. If so, what kind of treatment did you receive? Any responses greatly appreciated.


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my dad was just diagnosed too and i have read through here and many other sites . there are people with the same diagnoses as you father and they are alive and kicking so keep your head up and pray all things are possible thru Jesus Christ. Love jenn you will be in my prayers

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