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cancer and meaning of life

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I am a graduate student in psychology at Ohio State University and I would very much appreciate your help. I am studying how a cancer diagnosis leads people to re-evaluate meaning in their lives. I’ve developed a brief, web-based survey of cancer in meaning in life. If you have had cancer, please take a few minutes to participate! Please click on www.meaningoflifestudy.org. Our site also contains a link to a descriptions of research about the psychology of cancer.

Thanks so much!
Heather Jim
Stress and Immunity Cancer Projects
Ohio State University

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Dear Neighbor writing from warren ohio. In reply to your subject I need to say that cancer is life. Life is cancer. How do you escape it? I was diagnosed in May of 2002 with appendix/colon cancer. Just completing my 24 weeks of 5FU chemo. I have lost my job, sold my car and felling great. Believe me when I tell you, I am still laughing and living each day. I refuse to worry about dying and how much time I have left. I feel that cancer has effected me in only one way I can put my finger on. I worked for a doctor for 5 years, long hours, underpaid, not appreciated, always gave more of myself than I should have. I suffered from daily migranes and chronic fatigue from the demands of my boss. Often thought about quiting but worried about the next paycheck and how would we get along with only one income. After my surgery it was so easy for me to forget about work. I felt that I waisted many years doing a job that I was not happy with, no emotional rewards, that left me drained and empty. It was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me...leaving work, looking in the mirror and realizing that I had to take care of myself. It had always been that my kids came first, my husband, my parents, my brothers, my job. For the first time in my life I took care of myself first. So for me the meaning of life is to take control of it, enjoy it, pace youself, don't get burnt our or used or eaten up. Cancer has slowed me down just enough to sit back and smell the roses. As I sit here on a cold snowy afternoon, I realize how lucky I am to be in my warm house, sipping my cappuccino and watching a red bird feed ouside the window. If I was at work I would have never enjoyed this. Good luck with your research. Take time for yourself!
-With love, Ginny

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Hello there............... OK picture this.......losing my business in a Flood.......Divorce.......and then the Cancer. All this in a 2 year period. Adjusting to living alone-----perhaps being ill, unable to work------how would I live------what about money, sick and alone......yadda..... yadda....yadda.

I agonized (waste of time) over my life until treatment was completed. Then on my way home from my last treatment,,,,I said to myself,,,, Enough !! "either get busy living or get busy dying". I began to get busy living. ......... These past few years of my life are wonderful. (once you let go of the "Oh My God I'm gonna die" part) My priorities are REALLY in order. I now do what I have fun doing, I do only things that I like to do and spend time with only those that I want to spend time with, and I truly try to live a good life by doing what is right. Cancer can bring with it great sorrows and, also, with the stronger person you will become, cancer can bring great Joys.

About the meaning of life...for persons with cancer. The day after treatment ends, your Life is about HOPE........ You have been given a chance to see your own life from a new perspective. To change what needs changing. To fix what needs fixing. To tell those people around you the things that you have always wanted to say, but never got around to saying. If you do only these three things..........you will will be substantially lightened from the burder Cancer has placed upon you.

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