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PSA and beyond surgery

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My friend is 57, his original PSA was 2.9 gleason was 8. Had surgery and first PSA after surgery was .3 Three months later the PSA is now .7 Doctor has said he would like to take quarterly until October, which will be one year after surgery. He said that sometimes cancer cells go from the perimeter and cells are present. He wants to wait one year and re-evaluate then. Does this sound familier to anyone?

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From what you write, it seems that the cancer has escaped the prostate and is in other parts of the body and producing PSA. I suggest you have him see another oncologist for an opinion. Take along all your records.

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That's what his family is telling him to do. His doctor doesn't seem too concerned at this point.

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My prostate was removed in December, 2002. The last PSA before surgery was a 17. My Gleason scale was 6.5. A bone scan before surgery and lymph node pathology following surgery did not show any progression of cancer beyond the prostate. However, my first PSA two months after surgery was a 6.6. My doctor ordered another one week later and it was a 3.5, lower but still too high for post removal. I will have another PSA test at the end of March. My urologist thought it may be taking my blood stream longer to adjust. That would be best case scenario. Since the tumor was right at the point where the prostate was cut away, I am told I could have some residual cancer that may need radiation, or that the PSA tests may be reflecting possible cancer in some other region. Has anyone else had a similar circumstance? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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