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elevated ca125

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I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in January 2002.After 6 Chemo Therapies and total hysterectomy I was pronounced free of disease. 3 months later my ca 125 was 2.9 now after another 3 months it has jumped to 93. I have had cat scan and ultrasound and no evidence of cancer cells was found. Never the less my Doctor wants to be on the safe side and is sending me for a PET scan. Has anyone else had raised ca 125 levels with negative test results?

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I actually have a similar situation. I was diagnosed in Jan of 02 with stage 3c-had surgery and am still going through chemo. I actually hit normal on dec 20,(CA125=33) had it repeated last friday and it was 83. I was supposdly going onto maintanance for the chemo but now I have to have the level drawn Feb 20 and then we will see from there. Good luck and feel free to contact me at idccrn@cs.com or idefazio@mvnhealth.com if you ever need to talk. Good luck and God bless

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My Mom ran into the same situation.. She was diagnosed with stage IV last December. After the hysterectomy and 8 chemo treatments, the CA125 rose recently to about 100 (six months after her last chemo treatment in July '02). She had a repeat cat scan done and will find out the results this week to help determine what the next steps are...I'll keep you posted.

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Elishaw: Are you being treated by a board certified gynecologic oncologist? Just wondering. I have Stage IIIC diagnosed last December (2002). My CA-125 was in the thousands. Had major debulking surgery in January, followed by the normal series of taxol/carboplatin treatments every three weeks. My CA 125 is down to a normal level, but I am now starting a year of taxol every 4 weeks as latest research showed that doing that immediately after the combined treatments improved outcomes significantly for stage III. I am just curious if your doctor has talked of doing this additional treatment? I realize everyone's case is very different, but my doctor is very aggressive with treatment and keeps up on the latest research findings. He taught gynecologic oncology in a major medical center and I am very happy with his agressive treatment approach. He checks my CA-125 before all chemo treatments and does regular CT scans to check progress. So far things are looking good for me. You'll be in my prayers.

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