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Radiotherapy tumor ablation

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I've recently been diagnosed with recurrent tumors in my lung. Have been treated over the last two years with surgeries, radiation and chemo. Am researching tumor ablation for next go-around. Has anybody had any experience with this procedure?

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I have'nt personally had experience with this, but I have done a little research. There are some places that do radio frequency ablation for lung cancer, there is a list on another message board that I can forward to you if you're interested. RFA is used for liver cancer and tumors with success, but since it's a new treatment for NSCLC there is not a lot of data on it. I have stage 3B, currently inoperable NSLC and have spoken with UCLA, they have an open clinical trial for NSCLC, and after my scans in Feb. I plan on going to see if they will consider me.
I am so sorry about your recurrence - maybe RFA can take care to those pesky tumors. You sound like a good candidate.
Please feel free to call or e-mail me for support, exchanging info..... Anything
God Bless

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Hi Janet,

I am interested in information about RFA too. Could you send me the list of places you are talking about?

Thanks so much,

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Hi Janet,
We all would be interested in the information, so I hope you'll be able to post it here. I am always finding out "new" stuff to investigate from this list. I appreciate learning from all of you. Thanks.
Margaret in Carlsbad, California

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Janet - my husband also has inoperable NSLC and is on a trial drug called Iressa. He is doing wonderful with it. Have you heard about it? If you would like more info on it you can email me at svpat@sbcglobal.net. Anyone else interested is also welcome to contact me.

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