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chronic pain

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Hi all,
I am looking for other survivors who might suffer from chronic pain. I have chronic pain in my neck and shoulders which I think was caused by rads but it is hard to find doctors to confirm this. Any others out there. Please write to me at zame@earthlink.net
Thanks, Linda

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Hi Linda
You need to be referred to a Central Nervous System specialist. Treatments can indeed create
cronic pain in all bones, joints and muscles.
If you are also carrying exra weight it can also
make things worse.
I was told to loose 15-20 lbs and reffered to a physio therapist who gave me several exercises and stretches to do. It was very painful at first
but much better now. Things are not perfect but I have noticed a big difference. There are some good doctors out there, so keep looking. It took me almost a life time to find one. Im also blessed with finding a friend who is a Psychologist( not a patient ) who goes to bat for
me and other survivors from time to time. You may want to talk to one and get some advice and maybe push from them. Also as many survivors on the board have said, get the book Childhood Cancer Survivors. Keene, Hobbie and Ruccione and take it with you. Hope this helps.

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Hi Sparcky,

Not only do I have the Nancy Keene book..lots of quotes in the book are from me and other members of the discussion group I run for long term survivors. My pain is mostly muscular from atrophied neck and back muscles from rads. And chest pain from constrictive pericardial disease and restrictive cardiomyopathy, also from rads. So far there hasn't been a good treatment plan for either of these.

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Linda, I was a part of the long term survivors group a couple of years ago, then kinda dropped out. Just saw your post on about chronic pain and it sounds just like me. I'd love to talk about this with you.


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