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Jean and DG

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Hi to you both. This new website plays tricks on me each time I use it. Today, I had no "reply" to click, hence a new message. Thank you both for the reply. Jean, I knew you would find good information as you always do. DG, tell us more about your trial and about the drug. How is it taken and in what quanity and for how long. When did you start the trial..I went to the web site and found the trial but there is no other info about what the trial involves. I also am in a trial, receiving standard therapy. A/C, Taxol, radiation, and Tamoxifen. I am beginning the 3rd year since DX. This new drug has sparked my interest and I would like to know all there is available about it. Ulli, in Germany, posted about it and until I read her post, I had heard nothing about it. Not as well informed as I thought I was... Hugs, Nancys

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Good evening. I am glad that you found the information regarding the study on the nci page. I have been on the study since august 30,2002. I had two lumpectectomies one in july no clear margins and another in august two more small tumors and clear margins. I have the full lymphn node dissection because of swelling in the lymph nodes but thankfully all 14 were negative, but because of the extensive ca in the breast. my oncologist thought chemo and radiation would be needed. Because of the stage 1 cancer, er postive and post menopausal she felt i would be a good candidate for the study. I take 800mgs. twice a day of either the clondronate or a placebo. Before the study I had bone scans and xrays of my entire body. The study is a three year long study and I am monitered every three months and will be followed for an additional two years. Everything is good very well. I am one quarter through my radiation and feeling quite well except for some fatigue, and my hair is growing back. Hurray!!!! I hope this information will help thanks deborah

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Thanks for the info. I hope you are on the medication - no doubt you do too.

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