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Chat tonight Monday 10:00 PM CST on the YaYa Line!

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Hey ladies, let's have a chat tonight at "OUR" site on the 'YaYa Line' I'll tell you where I got the name then and we'll take a vote on it.


This is the website address:


type the whole thing into your address bar (then add it to your favorites!) HE!HE!HE! :)

And may I just say

All of my scans were clear today and believe it or not I DO have a brain! LOL
God bless, thank you for all the prayers! hummb

Can't wait to chat tonite, you new ladies come to, it'll be FUN!!! ((((HUGS))))

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Hello Hummingbyrd, it's me Fawn. I will come chat tonight. I think that is 9 for me. I am est so I think it's 9 o'clock for me. I hope. See you there.

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Hi...I'm new to this message board and am very interested in chatting with ya'll. However, I'm still undergoing chemo and 10 pm is way too late for this gal. Do ya'll chat during the day? I would love to meet and talk to all of you strong women. Also, to anyone who reads this reply, I found that you can't access hummingbyrd's chat board through Netscape (if that is the browser you use) but I could access it through Internet Explorer. Just a little FYI that everyone probably knows already......God bless, Karen

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Joined: Sep 2002

Hi Karen, hummb here, I'm on just about every AM at 10:00 CST, except WED (sorry) I have Bible study, but if you want I'll meet you Thursday morning at 10:00, glad you let me know about the netscape thing. I don't think you can find me using any search engines yet, but I thought the address bar would work w/ all sites. God bless, hope to chat Thurs AM. hummb

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