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septic lesions

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Can anyone help me with information on septic lesions on the liver?

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I wish I could help you out. I am trying to find out info on septic lesions also. My Dad has non-small cell. He has 1 tumor in the lung, several chest lymph nodes affected, and we recently found out the cancer is in his hip. Yesterday, the doctor noticed the whites of his eyes are yellow and his skin has a yellowish tint so he ordered blood tests. We were told today that this showed high liver enzymes and is "septic." Now Dad has to have a CT scan of the abdomen because the doctor said they didn't want to miss anything. They think it could be something with the liver or gall bladder. (Dad is nauseated all the time and has 2 gallstones). I am terrified it's the cancer. I pray it's not. I tried looking up septic liver, septic lesions on web md and on healthscout and didn't get anywhere. I know this whole msg isn't any help to you. If I find out anything, I will respond back.

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I had lung cancer. After finishing chemo, lesions were found on my liver. My oncologist put me on a drug called IRESSA. It is still in clinical trials. I've been on it a little 3 months and the last CT scan showed no lesions. Ask your oncologist about it.

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