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Hi everybody, my name is Connor. I am a cancer survivor of 5 years. Throughout these past 5 years I have been devoted to helping the cause for a cure. I have participated in the Penn State Dance Marathon, a year-long money raising event for kids with cancer, and other cancer related activities. Now, I am trying to start a new Cancer Survivor's Network.

The new network will have many useful features for survivor's and those dealing with treatment. A section of the website will be devoted to survivor's stories. This is where you come in. I am beginning to compile the stories of cancer survivors, mine included. I know many of you in this forum are survivers.

If you have a chance, please email me at when you get a chance (cgm121@psu.edu) and let me know if you would be willing to donate your survival story. Thank you again for your support!

Connor (cgm121@psu.edu)

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I am brand new at this. I was given a 6% chance of surviving stage IV colon cancer just over 3 years ago, and then about 2 years and 9 months ago I was give a 0% chance of surviving glioblastoma brain tumor (life expectancy of 6 mo. to 2 yrs.) Simply put, one Doctor told me I had made a "complete liar" out of him, and insisted I "keep it up". Survivors I ran into through work, and by openly speaking of my situation, has helped me a lot, and now, I wish to help in some way, if I can, by reaching out to others. You caught my attention in my very first attempt at this because your name happens to be my mother's maiden name, who died of cancer in November of '99. What can I do to help ?????

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you hear so much horor stories about this stuff i can tell you its brought my life to a dead stop as soon as i found out my husband had cancer. i that was 2008 easter and its jan 09...they gave him 18mths and were rounding a year..i really just see the cancer shrinking but im so scared its trying to take him from me and my daughter. im sic to my stomac everyday feels like fate is trying to flatten my family.i cant stand the thought of being alone i really dont know which way to turn anymore.trying to be tough but i am ttly mentally drained. what do you do next?

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hi im ron and i know how you must feel my wife is going thhrough the same fears for me just dont give up hope and i know youll be fine take care

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I have a story to share. I just have been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma. I had surgery + Chemo + Radiation.
Please confirm.


Ricardo Martin

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